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Target C To Swift

Quick and Objective C are the two most mainstream programming dialects that are utilized for iOS application advancement. Notwithstanding, in the previous few years, application designers are changing to Swift programming language over the article c language.

Along these lines, the movement cycle has likewise been expanded for changing over an objective-C application into a quick application. Today numerous iPhone application advancement Agency are picking this cycle also.

How about we jump into the way toward changing over your portable application from objective-c to Swift:

Changing over each Class In turn:

Rather than changing over all the class without a moment’s delay, it’s smarter to change over each class in turn. As swif can’t have subclasses, you can utilize two records that contain an interface segment in the header document and execution area in another.

When the objective-C record is added to the Swift objective Xcode builds up a connecting header. It is a header record that got the default name structure the objective that you can undoubtedly alter according to require.

Performing Nil Checks:

In objective-C when you made an impression on a nil object, it will restore a zero worth. It is imperative to play out these nil checks prior to changing over from Objective-C to Swift. You will get a nonexclusive enum that has a worth that doesn’t exist through and through.


Apple has brought another apparatus known as Tuples. To aggregate various qualities into a compound worth.


In Objective-C, each expansion is consolidated to frame a solitary element in Swift. You don’t need to get the source code for the broadening types despite the fact that it gives new capacities to the structure, convention, and class.


In Swift, each capacity is shaped with a sort since quick follows a simple way to deal with the capacity language structure.

It contains the capacity boundary types and bring type back. Here engineers can give a default an incentive to the boundary.

Highlight be thought of while changing Objective-C over to Swift:

In the event that, you would prefer not to change over the whole task in a solitary example, at that point consider selecting a couple of .h and .m records to be relocated to Swift, or on the off chance that you need to change over it totally, at that point leave the AppDelegate class for what it’s worth.

Next, dispense with the spanning header document by finding the hfile.

After that substitute the cases of hfile by adding a forward class statement like @class MyViewController. and this should be accomplished for all the .h records.

In Xcode, Swiftify will give you a better expansion to interpret the document from Objective-C to Swift. Here you need to duplicate both the substance .h and .m documents into the Swift record by utilizing the ‘Convert the File’ alternative and supplant the .h and .m records from the venture according to required Swift arrangement.

The subsequent stage after accumulation is to discover bugs assuming any. Presently Xcode offers auto-fix proposals for fixing the mistakes. You can utilize it by exploring to Editor>Fix All in the Scope order. You can take the help of Swiftify in the event that the bugs happen more than once.

At long last, run the undertaking. You may confront issues like ‘Class Not Found’, at that point look for the reference in the Editor and enter the name of the class in character overseer, save and run indeed.

Here the AppDelegate class is kept last so that in the event that you need to change over the whole venture, at that point it tends to be deciphered at this point. At last, all the records have been changed from Objective-C to Swift, and there are no documents left in the objective.


Today, Swift has gotten the most well known decision among application engineers and iOS App Development Company, as it offers numerous extraordinary advantages over objective-C. Numerous Swift Developers have just decided to change their application from Objective-C over to Swift.

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