Are Pakistan vs Zimbabwe a Tension Type Game?

It seems that the tension between Pakistan and Zimbabwe has heightened due to a number of reasons. This is particularly true after Zim seemed to have lost out on picking up any potential Test matches. After all, if both teams don’t make up at least one Test series then who does get the nod as the Test player of the year? Well, one would think that Zimbabwe would win every time since Hashim is so close in terms of cricketing ability, while Pakistan seem to be oozing potential. So, how does Pakistan go about beating Zimbabwe in a T20I series which looks like it could be a three-way contest?


Well, first of all you have to ask yourself how come Hashim did not play a Test match last summer? It seems ridiculous that he was overlooked so many times when so many other players in the cricket world were playing every day. Was it because he wasn’t as good as everyone thought he was or perhaps he simply didn’t have what it takes? Either way, this has to be one of the most disappointing days for all Zimbabwe fans. The fact that Hashim was ignored is a huge hit for Zimbabwe cricket fans everywhere but unfortunately for Pakistan fans they are bound to lose a few games.


This leaves Pakistan with a big problem on their hands. Firstly, they need some fast bowlers, something which seems impossible with Hashim as the only qualified bowler so far. Secondly, it’s obvious that Sarfraz can’t continue to perform at his level, something which seems inevitable now that he has been dropped by New Zealand. Thirdly, what do you do when your best player, a batsman who bowls at an unheard of rate, gets injured and can’t play? The situation looks bleak for Pakistan but then again, the cricket world hasn’t seen too much in the way of bright days for cricket fans in recent times.


The timing for a Pakistan vs Zimbabwe match is difficult, not just for cricket fans in Pakistan but the entire world. It’s a game which could provide the spark which is required in a lifeless sport; something which could re-ignite passion and give fans something to look forward to in the upcoming months and years. Cricket is all about passion so why would fans go against their national coach?


Well, I’d say this is exactly why fans shouldn’t go against their own coach. But I say even more importantly; don’t go against your own body. It’s understandable that cricket fans get very frustrated at not being able to watch their favorite players any longer due to injury or for whatever reason there is that keeps them away from the screen and pitch. It is human nature to get hurt and to get angry at the world that isn’t really doing anything to help. But this is where things become tricky. Zimbabwe seem to have a little bit of testosterone in their blood so I guess that won’t be a problem for them, whereas fans of Pakistan are probably going to want to see Hashim Afridi, Shahid Afridi, Butt Herder, Younis Khan and others of the Testosterone filled heroes.


It doesn’t make sense though, does it? The players are injured and Zimbabwe has a bad reputation for players beating up trainers and officials. It seems like things are only going to get worse for Pakistan if this happens. Cricket World Cup 2021 will go a long way towards boosting the overall confidence of Pakistan fans but what can happen in the off season is also concerning. The off season is usually considered to be when no one really cares whether a team is going to win or lose because you never know who might come out on top.


It may not matter in the end, but I still feel that cricket world cup 2021 will prove to be a truly thrilling game with both teams coming out with tremendous confidence. Of course Zimbabwe fans can still hope that their countryman captain Dayahel Khan will get another chance to lead his team to glory. The fans just need a little push to make things happen.


If things don’t work out between Zimbabwe and Pakistan in the ongoing Test series, there could be major turmoil in the Middle East. That’s a scary thought isn’t it? This time the world needs to stand up and take notice that cricket world cup is about more than bragging rights between two teams. There is so much more to it than that.

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