How To Pick Out A Paks Vs Eng Match

Last week, I wrote that PCB had made a mistake in naming overs opener Alzhtar Malik as a replacement for deliveries all through the IPL season. This is because we all know that Alzhtar is a specialist batsman and not someone who can make runs at all off the top. Then the PCB forgot to mention that their very own player David Holder had suffered with an ankle injury and would not be fit for selection until next week. But by then the world cricket attention would have been all to him, not that any other player on the bench will have played much. Hence it is disappointing that a great player like Holder was overlooked for a big match simply because his name did not feature.


Ismail Buttis has replaced Alzhtar as the batting top bowler and I expect a lot of yards from Buttis this time. However, we have seen a lot of debutants do really well in limited overs cricket and they do not get a chance to prove what they are capable of because they do not get a chance to show what they can do. It is very unfortunate that Buttis has been dropped from the starting XI and then given a tough assignment of bowling at a top team like Pakistan in a three-day match. But we cannot forget about domestic cricket players like butts. They too have made a lot of runs and have proved that they can be counted on at any point of time. So we should give a chance to these players and give our eyes only to those players like Alzhtar who are playing for their countries.


Pakistan Vs Eng – This is a crucial match for any cricketing world champion. For the past few years, Pakistan has not beaten England at home and this season has been no exception. The England team has a number of talented players and some players have actually surprised the world by performing way above their expected levels. However, with a superstar player like Alzhtar, who has a knack for batting, along with some other great performers, Pakistan can surely win this match at any cost.


The teams: Azhar Hussain, Safar Ali, Waqar Younis, Aziz Butt, Imad Shareef, Hamza Shahid, Azhar Zafar, Butti Azhar. These are the key players for Pakistan. All of them have a big say in how the team will play out the match. So when I say a match, I really mean a match where all those players get on and play well to win the game. There are a number of factors that will decide whether a team wins or loses a game and one of them is the quality of bowling performance by the batsmen and the wide bowlers.


Pakistan Vs Eng – This is going to be a tough affair for the cricketing world. The teams have been doing well against each other recently and have defeated England, Australia and India. However, against a world class bowler like Alzhtar you have to be careful. I personally think that if he does not bowl as well as he could, he will put more damage to the match and this could be the turning point for Pakistan.


Azhar is probably the best bowler in the world. He is my pick to win the wicket against batsmen and I think it will be a comfortable day’s wicket for Azhar. However, the other top wicket-bowlers do not impress me at all. My pick is Waqar Younis. I feel that Azhar will bowl a mediocre match and that the match will end in a draw.


The pitch: This is going to be an important factor because it affects the bounce of the ball. Cricketing world has always had poor bounce on the pitch and you sometimes do not notice this because of the crowd. But when the pitch is flat and not that good, that is when the match gets affected. You can analyze the conditions of the ground before playing a match on it.


Conclusion: Well, these are my final thoughts. I hope I have given you some insight on what is happening on the field. If you want to discuss anything with me, then go through my article. This was all for your information. Good luck. Hope you enjoyed my article.

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