Pakistan Vs England 1st Test Live Broadcast

Well, it has been announced that the first ever Pakistan vs England match is scheduled to be played in the month of April. What’s more, it is scheduled to be played in the Old Trafford Cricket Stadium in Manchester. Some of the key people who have been invited to take part in the said match include the Manchester City players; David James, rychelle Hunter, Carlos Johnson, Jason Davidson, and Wayne Rooney. These individuals are all fixtures that have been long-time players for their national team. As a matter of fact, all of them have made the international scene for their respective nations.


So, how does this match-up affect cricket fans in Pakistan? Will it be good for the Pakistani cricket fans? Well, you could be wondering what exactly is happening here. To tell you the truth, both the teams have really impressed the cricket fans with their performance at the initial meeting. Let me give you some insights.


In the first day of the match, Pakistan was able to put up a decent fight against the England team. However, the final few overs were not up to par as the batsmen failed to score any runs, which in turn resulted in a no-contest draw. This was the first ever defeat suffered by Pakistan in their entire cricket history. Well, according to reports, the inability of the batsmen to score runs has prompted various cricketing authorities to discuss the issue with the PCB, as to how they can improve the situation.


This is really unfortunate, especially after all the hard work that the PCB had put into this match. Pakistan has also expressed their disappointment regarding this loss, as they have been left with no other option than to drop out of the Cricket World Cup, which is due to be held in West Indies in the month of March. Although the result has disappointed many fans, but it does not mean that the end is near for Pakistan. They still have a lot of time and a lot of determination to win the next stage. In fact, I think this is one of the best chances that they will have in the remaining tournaments. It is always better to have more options rather than choosing the most popular team.


The next match, that the two teams will play against each other is going to be a Cricket World Cup semi final. I have heard many people saying that this will be a toss up between India and Pakistan. However, I think that it will be a tight competition between them. Only a good captain like Misri injured and will stand in the way between these two teams. Even then, it is expected that India will win the series easily.


I also expect a good overall performance from the team and a lot of encouragement for Misri and his team. There are several other players in the squad who have performed brilliantly in the past, but the fact is that only one player holds the entire credit for their fantastic performances. That is Tendulkar. The fact that he is leading the team by example says a lot about the importance of the man.


Last season, when Pakistan Vs England was played in UK, the crowd proved to be extremely passionate and supportive. Even during the live telecast, the fans were really excited and helped Pakistan to score the winning runs. They chant loud slogans like “Zaka!” and “Now Pakistan has done it!” clearly showing the enthusiasm of the fans.


The live action on the screen was excellent and the commentary on the radio was excellent as well. This is probably due to the fact that both the commentary teams are very experienced and can understand every situation well. Therefore, these are some of the reasons why I believe that Pakistan vs England can turn out to be an incredible match. Please share your views with me on this matter in the comment box. Thanks!

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