Pakistan Vs England – 4th Ball – Azhar

Both teams in Pakistan vs England can expect great sportsmanship on the field, with each side representing their countries and representing their own traditions. The two teams have never faced off against one another before in a World Cup; this is Pakistan’s first match. Since Pakistan did not qualify from their group, they join England in the knockout stages. Both teams have some great players, with legends linear ahsi here, Sarfraz Ahmed, Nouman Khan, and others, all hoping to make a statement on their teams’ behalf. For England, notable names include Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, John Terry, and Frank Lampard’s son, Jordan. For Pakistan, famous names like Nouman Khan, Azeez Butt, and Waqan Ahmed are notable for their talents.


Pakistan vs England odds are very high at the moment. It is due to the obvious talent of both teams, as well as the home advantage. Pakistan has a number one hitter in their cricket team, and a number two batsman in their cricketing team. With both these players, and the promising youngsters, this is a team that does not stand a good chance of going all the way in this tournament. This is because they lack on the mental end and do not perform when it matters most.


On the other hand, England has many big hitters but lacks on the mental end. captain Steven Smith, perhaps, could hit the century mark with one or two balls, but then he has been unable to do it consistently. Against Pakistan, however, captain wicket-keeper batsman, Ashtam Ahmed, and wicket-keeper all rounder, arf Sinha have performed well. In fact, all rounder, ammar Butt, has added a century to his tally, and Sarfraz Ahmed has added another fifty runs.


The fact is, that Pakistan has only a single Test match against the England side – at Lord’s Cricket Ground in October. It is a Test series won by Pakistan in the last match, and they are yet to win any Tests in this format. In fact, captain Azhar Ali and vice-captain Asghar Khan have made it clear that this is Pakistan’s first choice for Test matches against England. They are confident that they will win all three Tests against the English.


It seems strange to say, given the circumstances, that Azhar and Asghar are considering to be the best available options as captain and vice-captain. Both of them have plenty of experience and have the ability to lead the side to victory. Pakistan are probably hoping that if they can get Azhar and Asghar to lead the team to a victory in the first Test at Lord’s, then things will become easier for them in their bid to regain the one-day international jersey from England. If they can beat the English in this Test series and then win the three subsequent games at home against India and Australia, then there is every chance that they will end up retaining the cricket world cup for another year.


The problem that has been hanging over the Pakistani side since Azhar and Asghar were elevated to the position of captain and vice-captain is the state of the batting order. Pakistan has only managed to score two runs off the bat in their two Tests against England, both of which were won by a single run. This is despite the outstanding bowling performances from Azhar and Asghar. The lack of quality in the top order has been the major cause for the downfall of this Pakistan team so far. The rest of the team appears to have a decent combination of players who can all contribute to winning matches for Pakistan. Once these players improve their overall performance, then Pakistan will be well set for any kind of English competition.


Azhar cannot be considered the reason why Azhar is not scoring runs. The left-handed batsman does not bat like a normal player. Instead, he tries to play a tricky style of shot-making which does not lend itself to consistent runs. He takes long to make his runs and is therefore often found offside when he tries to hit the ball. It is for these reasons that fans of Pakistan have been complaining about Azhar’s style and why he should not be considered a part of the Pakistan team when he is regularly able to help them win matches. However, all of this is nit-picky compared to the real problem: that Pakistan does not have a proper number four batsman in their team.

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