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The first ever Pakistan vs England clash was a fierce encounter, which ended in a nil-all out draw. It was an extremely tight affair which saw Pakistan comes from behind on the stroke of a ball after the wicket of England’s David Holder was fumbled away by Waqar Khan. Pakistan came very close to taking the lead late on, when Ashley Nurse tried to hit a two-banger for three off the bowling of Dean Wilson but did not quite get the job done. However, after some hard work on the rain-swept ground, Pakistan finally made a breakthrough and took the lead with a century from Mushtaq Baaz. It was an amazing day for Pakistan fans as they have finally tasted success at a major tournament and this one may go down as one of their finest achievements in international cricketing history.


So, is Pakistan vs England a rivalry? Well, there are many who would argue that it is not. There have been several matches between the two sides and Pakistan has always demonstrated their ability to challenge any opponent on the cricket field. However, England have always shown their vulnerability when it comes to playing in conditions that require high stamina and concentration, as shown in their disastrous 4-1 defeat to Australia in the last World Cup semi-final. Only top sides like New Zealand and South Africa can lay claim to have beaten Pakistan at a Test level, although with their limited experience when it comes to playing in those kinds of conditions, it will be something of a Herculean task for England to defeat Pakistan at any time during the Pakistan vs England 2021 series.


So what can we expect from this clash? This fixture promises to be an intense encounter as both teams have only played against each other once before in an official cricketing capacity – the Twenty20 International tournament in Pakistan in March. As was the case during the Tests series, both teams have strong individual players who can influence the outcome of a match. Both batsmen, from left to right, are capable of providing attacking runs to the opposition and bowling all rounders provide support. This leaves no doubt as to who is going to win Pakistan vs England 2021.


The Pakistan vs England cricket match are due to be played in the month of April in the UAE. Although there are several Tests that are due to be played in the United Kingdom during the same month, such matches do not play out regularly enough for fans to visit Pakistan regularly. Therefore, the only viable option for them is to watch a Pakistan vs England live cricket match online, where they can get to watch all the action without having to travel to the country.


In the meantime, Pakistan vs England can also be enjoyed by anyone wanting to catch up on all the excitement. This is because the Pakistan vs England live telecast is available from multiple sources, which ensures that even those living in the farthest corners of the world will have the chance to see a fantastic game of cricket. All that one needs is a good quality internet connection and he or she can have the world within their grasp. Of course, the best part about it all is that these screenings can be viewed at any time of the day – and this is what makes Pakistan vs England so exciting to fans.


Fans can either watch the matches via live streaming videos or news outlets, or else they can simply click on the relevant links to the match websites to catch up on all the action. It is important to note that all these services are freely available, so anyone can take advantage of them. Moreover, all matches being played on the Pakistan vs England 2021 will be shown in HD, so even those with poor television sets can still take advantage of watching the matches. Those fans who do not have internet connections will still be able to enjoy the match just the same, as the match replays will be exclusively shown on channels dedicated for cricket.


As already mentioned, there will be a lot of action packed in the coming three test series between Pakistan and England. These games will be held in venues ranging from the West Indies to Australia, which should definitely be watched by all fans. Some of the matches will be played atop the muddy tracks of the Cricket World Stadium in West Indies, while some will be held in the Eden Park in New Zealand. The entire trio of venues will provide fans with fantastic visuals of the thrilling cricket matches.


Another major attraction of the Pakistan vs England 2021 test matches is the involvement of cricket legends. Every legend from both the countries is scheduled to come out on the live telecast to call on their fans to make the most of their opportunity to play. In fact, all you need to do is to make a simple click on the official site of Pakistan vs England to get in touch with your favorite team. No matter whether you want to know how veteran player batsman Azhar Ali will play on the field or whether you want to know how great leg-side wicket keeping all rounder wicket keeper Alzidham Singh will give the bat and ball team an opportunity to win, all you need to do is to log on to the site and click on the links that will lead you to these fixtures. The telecast will also provide highlights of the matches that will let you enjoy the thrill and excitement of watching some of the best cricketing stars in the world play.

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