Pakistan Vs England – Live Coverage

As in every other international match, a lively battle was played out in Pakistan vs England last July at The Emirates Stadium in Dubai. This is the third cricket World Cup ever hosted by Pakistan and the first one was held in 1999 in Pakistan. A record crowd of almost 80 thousand people turned up to witness the two teams clash. This was the biggest crowd in the history of the tournament as well.


The venues were chosen for this competition after due consultation with the PCB (PCB). Initially it was expected that only the top teams would participate in this tournament. But unfortunately the UAE government changed its tune and made it clear that this cup could be contested by any team from anywhere in the world. So, finally PMPs decided to include all teams from Pakistan as well as three other lower level nations. A large number of tickets were also reserved in the central zone for this competition. So this meant that Pakistan vs England could be an exciting proposition.


Although both the sides have plenty of experience in playing against each other, the format of the cup is completely different. Pakistan won the first match by a score of 5 wickets while England lost by the same score. Despite this difference in the levels of players, both the sides have the quality to win a game. But the real battle will boil down on the ground as only the best cricketing talent can emerge victorious. In order to get a clear picture of the performance of both the sides, it is important to look into the different aspects of the game.


There are many factors that have to be kept in mind while looking into the scenario of Pakistan vs England. The first aspect is the form of the players. For this, one has to keep an eye on the stats of each player throughout the course of a five-match series. One will also have to see how the individual players of both teams are faring against the other’s bowling attacks.


If we are to analyze the situation carefully, it can be seen that Pakistan vs England have the potential to be a three-match affair with the final being played on a Friday. On the other hand, the England team is managed by Doug Bray who has managed to win the first two matches. Hence the English side has an upper hand and the overall scenario looks favourable for Pakistan. But the overall scenario is yet to be predicted accurately.


On the other hand, Pakistan vs England have a greater potential to become a four-match series. This is mainly because the English players seem to be having little trouble against the bowlers of Pakistan. This is because the batsmen of Pakistan lack the quality that is required to hit the ball consistently. In fact, the one time international wicket keeper, specialist all round player, and captain, Buttulkar overs the runs in his side. In addition to this, there is another batsman, Adeel Chowdhry, who has an appeal to the fans and supporters of Pakistan cricket. Undoubtedly, all these factors combine to ensure that a four-match series can be expected between Pakistan vs England.


The other intriguing match that takes place between Pakistan vs England at the International Cricket Stadium is scheduled to be played on a Sunday. This is mainly because Pakistan is scheduled to play three matches on the tour; meanwhile, England has been scheduled to play four Tests including three Tests at the same venue. Hence the speculation is that Pakistan vs England are going to end in a draw.


However, the current situation looks all bright for Pakistan as they are currently top of the world rankings. Hence, the overall scenario of these two teams should give a positive vibes. If England pull off a win over the pink wicket, it will certainly lift their spirits and enthusiasm to face another victorious campaign to defend the crown. Furthermore, if the pink wicket is not won by England, then the probability of a Pakistan vs England final in Sharjah increases significantly.

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