Pakistan Vs England: What’s Going On?

It was a very intense game when Pakistan vs England were held in the month of April in Pakistan. Both teams had a lot of confidence and a lot of motivation to win the match. This match ended in a draw and England were really unlucky because there are so many key players that could have played in this match and could have won by a large margin. Let us take a look at some key points involved. First we will look at what happened in the first half.


The venues for both these matches were different. Pakistan vs England used to be held in Manchester, UK but due to the nature of the pitch, the fans had problems being able to attend the match. Due to this reason, the ground was changed to a more neutral ground and the same happened with the venues for this match. For the second half, a new ground was chosen in Birmingham, England. It was the third venue for a Pakistan vs England match and it was an amazing atmosphere for the two teams. However, the umpires decided that the ground would not be suitable and they did not allow the fans to attend the final half hour.


There was a dramatic finish to this Pakistan vs England game. A few overs went past the batsmen and Azhar Ali tried to hit the ball with the bat but didn’t manage to get it through to the right-hand side. Right-handed batsman attempted to hit the ball to Azhar but he could not get it through and after that, England won by 4 wickets.


In this Pakistan vs England t20i, Azhar finally found the right-hand side but didn’t hit the ball well and missed the chance to complete the ten. The umpire was not happy about this and he asked Azhar to bowl at a later time. However, after that, the crowd became angry and started throwing stones at Azhar and then ran towards the fence to shout at him. Azhar left the ground and went home disappointed. As the match continued, the umpire asked both teams to stop playing once the injured player came out.


Azhar was upset but didn’t tell anyone about what had happened. He just went back to his place and kept his head down. After about an hour, all of the English players came to pick him up and took him to the hospital. He was given an X-ray and he was found out to have a fracture on his right hand side. His injury was also revealed as a fractured wrist bone and he was given an artificial cast and an ankle brace and told to rest for a few days.


After the announcement of Azhar’s injury, the entire Pakistan team went home and didn’t play any more cricket. All that day and throughout the week, Pakistan did not say a word about Azhar. They were very annoyed as their entire performance had been ruined due to this incident. When the England team arrived in Pakistan for the next cricket series, all they said was that Azhar was fit and fine, but no one cared to confirm whether he had actually broken his wrist or not. So all this went on.


The 2nd test started and Azhar bowled poorly again to unremarkable bowling conditions. Then he was pulled out of the match and told that Azhar had a broken wrist bone. Then immediately, all of sudden the English press reported that Azhar had broken his arm. This made the people in Pakistan go all a hype, as they all thought that Azhar had got injured in the 2nd test and had injured himself again.


But then the news got leaked onto the internet and the whole world got to know about this. So that night Pakistan Vs England was postponed indefinitely and all the fans who were really into the match and watching eagerly for Azhar to get injured, suddenly had to cancel their tickets. The cancellation of the match has been discussed worldwide and while all the speculations and news reports are true, Pakistan obviously has a lot of work to do if they are going to be able to win the next two tests against England. So till now it is looking as though Azhar might be out for the next two Tests and until somebody can prove that Paksa cannot beat Cook & Worries in the remaining matches, this might be the last we hear from Pakistan.

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