Pakistan Vs Zimbabwe Test Cricket Match Preview

Pakistan Vs Zimbabwe Test Cricket Match Preview

Is cricket match really that interesting? Well, it’s not that interesting but it has some die hard fans. In fact, they have been watching this cricket match ever since the inception of the world cup in Australia. However, there is another side to all this and that is politics.


politics rule our lives and cricket is no different. Well, not directly politics but a lot of players from Zimbabwe are unhappy at the state of affairs in Zimbabwe and would like to play test cricket in Pakistan. But, how will the fans feel when they lose out on some international matches and their beloved teams are forced to play in Zimbabwe? Well, this is not something new in fact. There have been instances like this many times in the past.


Cricket world cup 2021 is here! So, who would be able to watch this match? Well, it will be a double-edged sword on both sides. On one hand, Zimbabwe is going all out to win the trophy and Pakistan obviously will try their best to defeat Zimbabwe. Cricket world rankings have a direct bearing on any test cricket match. A country’s position in the rankings means a lot.


There are several reasons why Pakistan should not worry at all about Zimbabwe. One, they are aware of the fact that the players in Zimbabwe have a huge following in the country. There have been instances where hundreds of thousands of people turn up to watch these players play. Therefore, if Zimbabwe does not perform well and loses their first four matches, there will be a huge clamor for them to get into the top four. In fact, this might be the deciding factor as to whether Pakistan are even considered to play or not.


Secondly, this political issue will have absolutely no impact on the cricket fans. The fans are always rooting for their favorite team. Whether the team is doing well or not, they will cheer their heart out. As far as cricket fans are concerned, politics has nothing to do with it whatsoever. It is not like they will go on a strike when the government of Zimbabwe does not do well. It is just that the whole world is aware of the situation and so will the fans be.


The other interesting aspect of this match is the coaching styles of the two teams. Both batsmen will be employing a defensive strategy and trying to score runs. However, there will also be an attempt to explore the boundaries with the ball. Zimbabwe has a number of great batsmen but all have failed to crack as a batsman. Therefore, some say that this tactical switch may prove to be quite helpful in the test cricket.


In fact, this may be the perfect opportunity for the batsmen of Pakistan to gel together and discover what the other team’s batting options are. It has been noticed that whenever a player in Test cricket squad cracks, there is an equal inclination to pick up the ball and attempting a sweep stroke. Zimbabwe on the other hand has several good hitters and their prime attack players are chosen to bat along with batsmen like Sohag Gyaneshwara and breaks like Bouadrami and Morkel. Therefore, the batting combination for Zimbabwe is expected to have a better mix than what we see with the other side. For instance, Sohag will be playing the position that Bouadrami used to fill and Morkel should be given a chance to play at the top side.


This is actually an ideal scenario for Zimbabwe players. It is only the other way round that things work for them and that is when the other team takes a lead. Zimbabwe has to win this Test cricket match by several runs or be eliminated at the halfway stage. If they fail to do so, they would be third in the four-match series and would need to secure a victory over the Sri Lanka team in their final match to finish fourth.

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