Zimbabwe Vs Pakistan All Match Result and Standings

Whence shall we find the best cricket match? The ongoing tri-colour clash between Zimbabwe Vs Pakistan in the World Cup is a sensational event. Both teams are fielding excellent players and have got plenty of cricketing talent that could vie for the honors. However this match is just like any other between two evenly matched teams. It’s the onus of cricket fans to make a wise choice, that too, with a lot of logic.


The first phase of this thrilling match was played in Bulawayo and saw Zimbabwe take an overwhelming lead. But with the wickets falling steadily and the batsmen unable to produce scores higher than their previous efforts, the match came to an end with Zimbabwe winning by six wickets. After this match result, the entire Zimbabwean cricketing public was in a joyous mood, as they awaited for another all-out effort by their side to win the upcoming match against Pakistan. But, unfortunately, this wasn’t the same situation and Zimbabwe failed to put up a good show against the superior Pakistan batting team.


The second match which was played in Harare saw Zimbabwe lose its all match lead again. This time the visitors were not able to generate a single score higher than their previous outing. Despite being the hosts, it seems that nothing was able to lift Zimbabwe out of their defeat. They failed to capitalise on the opportunities provided to them and failed to win a single wicket during the course of the entire game. All that remains is for the players to chalk out another losing streak against teams from the West Indies and Australia which are in their domestic cricketing league.


In what could be termed as a reverse trend, Zimbabwe managed to win their next two games against Australia and Sri Lanka. But despite this significant victory over the visitors, the match result was as poor as can be. Zimbabwe did not manage to win a single wicket and fell behind in the total number of runs scored. It is difficult to make an accurate forecast regarding any kind of result when two different teams are playing against each other in a one-day international or Twenty20 International tournament.


Cricket world cup 2021 will go a long way in determining the outcome of the championship. Though Zimbabwe has qualified directly to the tournament, it will be held against countries such as India and England who are direct favourites to win the title. The recent trend of a batsman winning three Tests in a row and scoring a century in his first five matches seem to suggest that Zahel Khan has the potential to emerge as a genuine world cup winner. However, with so many other contenders for the same position, there is no doubt that Zahel will have to play his part to ensure a place in the finals.


Pakistan vs Zimbabwe are the only all three match result due to end of season matches. Matches are played at regular intervals, which go for six rounds with the matches taking a week off each. So far, the trend is good for Pakistan, who have won all three matches, while Zimbabwe has lost all three. One positive note for Zimbabwe is that they have opened the season with three wins against Australia and Sri Lanka, which does not bode well for their performance in the final against Pakistan. Only a better batsman can help Zimbabwe overcome their poor bowling and fielding performances to reach the semi-final stages.


Cricket world cup 2021 will certainly go a long way in determining the status of the champion teams. Pakistan and Zimbabwe have shown great potential throughout the tournament and have a huge number of cricket fans and supporters waiting for their day to come. Both teams have proven their worth to the world by beating top sides such as India, Australia and Sri Lanka. Now is the time for fans from both nations to come out and support their team.


The cricket world cup 2021 is scheduled to be held in the month of July and will also determine the champions between Pakistan and Zimbabwe. I believe that this match result will go a long way in the popularity of both teams and their respective brands. Cricket world cup 2021 has the potential to draw huge crowds and interest to the game and this is only possible when the teams play well. Both the teams have proven themselves over a period of time and it will now be up to the fans to see which team will emerge as champions. I think it is safe to say that both teams have much to gain if they win against Pakistan.

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