Zimbabwe Vs Pakistan T20 ITC Cricket World Cup 2021

After fourteen days of tense negotiation, the two countries have finally agreed on terms of the Zimbabwe vs Pakistan match. The deal is yet to be accepted by the Cricket World Cup Committee but it is hoped that it will be soon. Both the Zimbabweans and the Pakistanis have kept their emotions in check throughout the course of the negotiations. Though both sides expressed optimism at the completion of the deal, they still maintained that there are many ‘in doubt’ issues that have to be ironed out before the tournament can be hosted in Zimbabwe or any other African country. Given the recent history between the two countries, the possibility of a tension-filled match is something that does not sit well with fans either.


On the whole, both the Zimbabweans and the Pakistanis showed considerable restraint during the course of the talks. Both parties offered no immediate response when asked whether they would accept the terms of the cricket world cup. Instead, both sides instead focused their energies on reviewing the terms of the agreement and discussing various issues that will affect the ongoing competition. This has been a refreshing change from the shouting and fighting that characterised previous cricket world cup tournaments.


There is no doubt that Zimbabwe has spent much of its money in trying to win the toss against Pakistan in the toss-up for the semis. The Zimbabweans had publicly pledged their commitment to participate in the world cup, but with the revelation that the Zimbabweans would not be getting a place in the tournament due to their poor performance in the recently concluded Twenty20 matches against India and Sri Lanka, the confidence that had been present all along had faded away. However, despite their poor showing in the Twenty20 matches, the Zimbabweans have still garnered enough support from the cricketing community to qualify for the world cup. Fans in Zimbabwe are confident that Zimbabwe will emerge victorious from the upcoming matches against Australia, England and South Africa. If the Zimbabwe team is able to retain their top three spot, they will join the rest of the teams that have qualified for the cricket world cup tournament in Zimbabwe.


Cricket world champions Australia is currently leading the all-inclusive tournament with nine matches remaining. If the Aussies win their remaining matches by a significant margin, they will finish top of the ladder. Pakistan on the other hand is in ninth position after their defeat to India in the recent Twenty20 matches. The Australians hold a four-match lead over the Pakistan team with two more matches to go. Both teams are optimistic about their chances of winning the Cricket world cup. Cricket world champions Australia has a lot at stake in this competition as they are in the lead by six points, while Pakistan needs to win all the remaining matches by a margin of four or more to reclaim the top spot.


Both teams have a number of stars in their respective teams and have carefully selected their respective teams so as to exploit every talent and potential of their cricket world champions. For instance, all-rounder Peter Morrison has proved his worth and has established himself as one of the finest batsmen in the world. After making a great run in the one-day international cricket, he has impressed the selectors of Australia cricket world cup team. He has hit a remarkable century against England and has shown commendable skills to captain the Australia one-day team successfully.


The all-rounder Matt Prior is another player who has impressed the coach and the selection panel with his consistent performance. The left-handed batsman has made outstanding contributions to the Australian team and he has even picked up three wickets against the bowlers in the one day match. However, after his impressive performance in the Twenty20 International tournament in Zimbabwe, he was dropped from the Twenty20 squad for the ongoing Caribbean Premier League tournament. This is a big blow for Zimbabwe, who are in desperate need for all round development as they desperately seek to qualify for the world cup.


The all-round capabilities of batsman Alzid Khan and all-round talent like leg spinner Dhamirabiha, all round performer Kumar Sangakar and all round wicket keeper Ashok Kumar have been tried in Zimbabwe’s limited overs limited-overs matches. These players have done remarkably well and have helped their team win some matches by huge margins. However, they will surely require more support from the selectors if they are to emerge as real contenders for victory against Pakistan. All of these players are capable of producing hundreds of runs and clearing the boundaries off the bowling surfaces. These are the two primary requirements for any successful team in the cricket world.


All that remains now is for Zim and Pak to win some matches. Only a proper support system and some luck can separate these two sides in a final reckoning. It is vital that all cricket fans around the world watch every match between these two teams, because this is a battle that cannot be lost and should always be watched and bet upon.

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