•  Save your sweetheart from a gang of no good men by solving a few puzzles and shooting a lot of people

Warface is a casual game that mixes first-person shooter gameplay with some point and clicks mechanics to tell Walker’s story, a man who turns vigilante when he finds out the woman he likes is unhappy with his boss. So it becomes your’s job to kill him and his henchmen.

  • It’s kind of tough for a game that looks so basic

It’s kind of tough for a game that looks basic.
Warface is one of those games that looks kind of bad and good at the same time. Its cartoonish approach for graphics makes it feel like it’s going to be a walk in the park but it’s not really the case.

Behind the basic design. Warface has a gathered clever plot to the story. For a game that takes roughly 7 minutes to finish, it has several clever logical puzzles to solve. Moreover, you need to get things right from the start because there are some mistakes that if you make, force you to restart the game.

  • Be patient with it, it has a few issues

Even when you figure out how some of the things work and they might not go according to plan. For example, stealing the butcher’s meat is simple but the time the action a fraction of a second too late and it will seem like the game is rigged to be impossible.

In part, it’s true because the knife bit is flawed, and restarting the game tends to fix it. The bottom line is that although things become very clear plot-wise and some gameplay features might not be perfectly functional and require a bit of extra patience from you.

  • A short and somewhat mature game

A short and somewhat

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